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Sightseeing in Bibb

Between the rich history of Bibb County and its wealth of wildlife and geography, there are numerous historic and recreational locations within the area that make it a popular location for tourists.

The nearness of the Cahaba River and the Talladega National Forest make Bibb County a popular recreational destination. Once considered a fisherman’s paradise, the Cahaba River is best known for its scenic wildlife and canoeing. Except for a single location in Tennessee, the Alabama croton—one of the rarest shrubs in the United States—grows only along the banks of the Cahaba.

The endangered Cahaba lily, found along the Cahaba and Little Cahaba, attracts nature enthusiasts during May and June, its traditional blooming period. Every May, thousands of people flock to the town of West Blocton (in northern Bibb County) for the Cahaba Lily Festival. Activities include presentations on the lily and other local wildflowers, the crowning of the Cahaba Lily Queen, and canoe and kayak trips along the river to view the lilies in their natural habitat.

Talladega National Forest, located in the southern and southwest areas of Bibb County, attracts thousands of hikers and campers. Heavily logged in the early twentieth century, the forest was bought by the federal government in the 1930s. Bibb County is home to the Oakmulgee section of the forest, which is characterized by level and moderately sloping, broad ridges with terraced streams. The popular forest now showcases a diverse ecosystem including the reforestation of the longleaf pine and a thriving population of the red cockaded woodpecker.

There are extensive walking and exercise trails located throughout the county, municipalities and within the Talladega National Forest and other areas of the County. For example, the Piper Interpretive Trail is a 2.5 mile trail through the National Wildlife Refuge along the Cahaba River with a wide gravel path and comfortable walking benches.

Historic attractions in the county include Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park, which centers on an iron furnace constructed in 1861 to aid the Confederate war effort, a nearby historic civil war Rolling Mill site, Miller’s Pottery, the Centreville Historic District, Beehive Coke Ovens Park at West Blocton, Cahaba Riverwalk at Centreville, Bibb County Chamber of Commerce Railroad Depot Building, and a trail of historic homes in the Centreville area.