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Economic Opportunities

Bibb County is well-positioned for industrial growth, as it’s located near the three major industrial and technological areas of the state: Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Montgomery.

Bibb County is only a short hop to the Mercedes-Benz headquarter, and is 75 miles away from the Honda facility in Lincoln, Alabama and 90 miles to the Hyundai plant in Montgomery.

The Scott G. Davis Industrial Park is located in the north end of Bibb County and has uncommitted land. The park is the home of the logistics center for the future Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicle and Battery production facility that is presently under construction, scheduled to open in 2019.

The Bibb County Airport (0A8) is located in Centreville. Construction plans are in place to extend the 4,200-foot runway to 5,000 feet and add additional taxiway and hangar space.

Other industrial property sites are available in Bibb County and current information may be obtained from Derek Reeves, Industrial Development Coordinator for Bibb County at 205-926-3114.